Microcycas in nature


Viñales Valley


Microcycas grows in isolated groups in Pinar del Río Province in western Cuba in Viñales Valley and it´s surroundings. The plants grow most typically on steep cliffs in hard to access areas.
























A group of old plants on the top of a mogote



Most typical are groups of small number of plants of a different age, but some plants grow quite isolated from the rest of population. 

Total number of plants growing in the nature is usually estimated as remaining 600 -1000 individuals and the whole area with separate microcycas populations is less than 10 km².
The seedlings and young plants grow regularly in half-shadow, large individuals thrive with crowns in full sun.

Seedlings in nature
























Declining female cone

Cuban boa female  poses readily for a delayed shutter release  in front of a small microcycas, before disappearing in a dense undergrowth again. 

The plant has several branches, some of which begin to cone simultaneously.